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Who We Are and How We Started

Our founders, Viva Kima and her siblings, credit the interest and experience in home health care from providing care to their parents and mom’s two brothers. Along with her three other siblings, they took turns in taking care of these old folks. It was remarkable and sometimes even painful to see the age progression of their folks, to see these once dynamic and very active folks lose touch with the realities around them. It was even more disheartening to see how we, as a society, ignore and outright discriminate against our aging population. It was a constant battle having to advocate for them for certain privileges on a daily basis, which we take for granted. It is this impatience, malalignment, and disdain of older folks that opened her eyes to how other minority groups are systematically slighted and ignored as well.

Now, because of the closeness of this family and how much these parents had poured into our lives, these Kima siblings made a decision to have our parents stay in their home, which meant us being responsible for their caregiving. So for a period of 11 to 14 years, that would be our reality. We learned to balance this with our other obligations of family and work.

Once the parents passed away, first mom, then dad, and then the other aunt and uncle, not only left a void but created a world of experience bubbling and wondering how that could be transferred into assisting other families in the same or similar situations.

After those caregiving years, it would take several years of working and building a successful law practice that would enable and facilitate Viva to raise her children through adolescence, and college years, into young professionals and become constructive members of society.

Attend Home Health Care was born with the vision to become a home care provider in Virginia Beach, Virginia, assisting other families in attending to the needs of their aging family members first, and then with more interaction, it became apparent that support was needed in caring for other family members as well; from a new mom needing support to watch the baby so she can catch a few hours of sleep; to the young adolescent navigating the physical, or cultural demands of society; or one who may just need help picking his clothes and coordinating colors; and those with mental or psychological challenges.

Our Mission: Let us Attend to Your Needs

  • Identify the needs of our clients and attend to their wishes
  • Attend to individuals of all ages; social persuasion
  • Attend to Social Justice Actions: human dignity and respect; the right of each person just to exist and live with dignity and in peace, and the right to economic security and dignified work
  • Attend to community-centered needs: Attend to a need identified and led by the community as a whole; ensure we reflect the diversity of the communities we serve with regard to color, income, physical ability, geography, age, and gender identity
  • Attend to shift public opinion about justice issues; create change

Our Vision: We Attend to Your Wishes

  • Improve awareness of the situation of our clients
  • Improve the quality of health and extend the lives of our clients
  • Improve and boost the confidence of the reserved, insecure client who just needs direction, attention, and recognition

Our Clients

  • We attend to seniors and their families, of all ages.
  • We attend to younger individuals with mental or psychological challenges
  • We invite active seniors able to work and seeking employment

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